GoDaddy Website Builder Get the Domain, Email, and Regional Listing

Derek composed me from Ohio and asked

" John, I am not a technical guy, I could not figure out setting up WordPress"

Not everybody can Derek. Things that might seem easy to me, can be complicated to others, much like I do not know how to fix an Air conditioning system, that is probably simple to you. If we are all proficient at everything, we would not need each other.

He goes on to say, "however I do not have cash to employ a site company, or pay for online marketing"

" Is there something I can begin with? My business has to be on the web to grow. "

So my guy's got his business, he is aiming to get more clients, but like a great deal of us starting, he is cash strapped. So I am going to inform you what you are going to do. As a matter a reality, I am going to offer you on better, I'm going to give you a step by step strategy.

You are going to GoDaddy.

You are going to register for Website Builder (

You get sites Builder, a domain and Microsoft's Workplace 365 Email for one year it will only cost you $12!

Now, prior to I go on, a domain is generally about $12 by itself. You are getting website Builder, which I will go over later, hosting for that website, a domain AND hosted company e-mail through Workplace 365.

That indicates you get a professional looking email. Like

Website Builder has numerous high-end design templates, that were created by professional graphic designers. I know a few of them, and they are top notch designers. These are not created by somebody who took a few tutorials online and started a website design business. They have made it unbelievably simple to sync with your facebook page, import images, phone numbers, business information, and so on

. You go in, fill in some blanks and boom. You got a site. Program your mommy and she will be proud.

Okay, but now the real work starts. This isn't really flied of dreams, Just cause you constructed a website, doesn't mean they are going to come. You have an excellent site, email, the works, now you have to.
get your website to the top of Google to obtain the traffic.

Now I am going to give you a short cut!

You don't need conventional SEO for a local business. You need local business listings, and GoDaddy has you covered once again! GoDaddy Resident (

Show up where your clients are, on mobile. My guy Derek has an A/c Repair company. His clients are local. web site Most people take out there phone and search for A/c repair when they require him. The regional listings come up prior to SEO outcomes. Your best financial investment at this stage is to invest in regional business directory site services.

You will get more calls than you know exactly what to do with!

This is cheap!

As low as $4.99 a month.

You can't discover more affordable advertising any where!

So there you have it. GoDaddy site Builder, domain, email, local listing! As soon as you have a marketing budget plan, change all this with a professional website, SEO, PPC, and so on

. Derek I hope that assists you and thank you.

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